How We Connect

WwwI’m pet sitting for a friend this weekend and one of the perks is getting to enjoy her beautiful home.  She likes for me to come stay in her home so her dog will be in her natural environment and less stressed while she’s away.  Seems to work, both for the dog and me.

After fixing my morning coffee, I decided to enjoy it outside on the patio.  It was still early enough that the Houston heat and humidity was not totally insufferable.  My mind started drifting to thoughts of the people I love….my parents, brother and husband (who now all live in Heaven), my son and grandsons, and my two best friends.  Thankfully, my son and grandsons live in the same area and I get to see them a lot.  My two best friends….although I talk to both of them all the time, I don’t get to see them nearly as much as I would like.  One lives in the New Orleans area and one lives in Oklahoma City; but what struck me is this… matter the distance or time, we never feel emotionally disconnected from one another.  Thanks to modern technology and social media, we can communicate any number of ways and I’m grateful for that, but the real connection is the love and friendship between us.  That is priceless and only a gift God can bestow.

What condition is your heart in today? (and I’m not talking about your last cardiology visit).  Do you spend enough time telling the people you love how much they mean to you?  I think most of us are guilty of assuming they just know and it’s not really necessary to say it….but you know what – say it anyway!  There’s no such thing as too much love.  There are millions of people in the world today searching for a way to have a heart connection with someone.  Be that someone.

If you have a heart full of love, share it with somebody today….it connects us to those we love and it can connect us to those who desperately need to be loved.  Be generous….share your heart, share your life.


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